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Slaying Dragons
By Paul Grob   View more articles by this author
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March 14

The Commit to Change web platform has been shown to be very effective  in helping people succeed in achieving their lifestyle goals.  Choose an area that is important and relevant to you as an initial goal.  You may want to select a more easily attainable goal in the first instance just to get the hang of this application to see how well it works for you.


For example, many people with diabetes find it difficult to stick to medications that have been prescribed for them.  If you find that your treatment is not working well for you, discuss this with your health care professional and he/she may be able to amend it.  Every consultation should be a conversation between two ‘experts’.  You are the expert on what works for you, and the health care provider is an expert on the science involving your diabetes.  Ideally, the two of you will work on a plan together that works for you.


Changing your diet with the intent of losing weight is extremely important but may be very difficult.  We all have good intentions and then life comes along.  Currently, there is a great deal of interest in the 800 calorie diet.  This can be very effective if you can manage it but it does require a great deal of self-discipline.  It is quite acceptable to work out a modified eating plan that suits you better, so you lose weight over a longer time period and find a regime that you like and can stick to, so, ‘whatever floats your boat’.  If you can lose enough weight your diabetes may disappear entirely or the number of pills you take may be dramatically reduced.


Some people, especially men, find with the onset of their diabetes that their libido and vitality is markedly impaired.  Good weight control may well improve this important aspect of life.


Regular eye and feet checks are important and most people manage their regular eye checks quite well, but don’t forget to look after your feet as they are very important to you; mobility is fundamental to good health.  The better your diabetic control the less likely you are to suffer from these tiresome complications.


For many, quitting smoking is a priority because of the health hazards that are linked to this habit.  There are special smoking-cessation clinics that are designed to help you succeed with this goal.


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With the current NHS challenges, it is more important than ever that you take control of managing your diabetes.  Select one or two goals to get started.  You do not have to ‘slay all the dragons’ at one time.


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